SafetyPin is a workplace safety app

that can make real improvements

in just 60 seconds

What you can do with SafetyPin in just a few clicks:

  • Record hazards or incidents.

  • Share them with your team.

  • Discuss how to solve the problem together.

  • Assign someone to fix the issue.

  • Record the solution and results.

Businesses are responsible for a safe and healthy workplace [you better do something right now - here is a call to action button "BUY NOW"]

Health and safety legislation can [insert scary stuff like...ruin your business], so you need systems and processes [like what we're selling] to manage [compliance stuff like hazards, near-misses, risks and incidents].

We have an innovative, cloud-based, agile solution that leverages the power of big data and artificial intelligence to provide you with a strategic paradigm shift towards a new safety culture [squeeze in all the buzzwords].


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What Our Customers Say

"We care about safety, but we hate useless paperwork.  SafetyPin is great for us because it's actually useful for our business.  The team can quickly tell us about what needs fixing, and get on with making our deliveries, safely."

Phil Goddard - Goddards Cartage

"SafetyPin helps me take care of health and safety issues quick and easy.  My team can tell me about the hazards they've seen, and we go and fix them.  It's amazing how easy it is to be more compliant without all the BS."

Graeme Wallace -

"SafetyPin made communicating hazards super simple for our remote team of cleaners. Its instant alerts make sure everyone is aware of the risks at a job site, so they can get on with fixing the problems. It's nothing like the standard safety systems that only focus on ticking the right boxes."

Dale Berderow, Queensland Facility Services


Does SafetyPin ensure that I am 100% compliant with safety regulations?


Compliance is a complex issue, but here are some simple facts:

  1. Most big corporates have expensive and complicated safety systems, but they can still end up in court with a big fine ($371,250 fine for Carter Holt Harvey in 2018).

  2. Being a small company doesn't mean that you'll be "under the radar", the government can and do prosecute small companies ($35,000 fine for a self-employed man).

  3. The best way to avoid prosecution is to make your workplace safer, because the government normally don't prosecute companies where no one is actually hurt.

This is why SafetyPin was designed to ignore all the useless "box-ticking" exercises, and we are simply focusing on keeping your team safe by finding and fixing dangerous stuff at work.

LEARN MORE about how SafetyPin can make your workplace safer and more efficient.


How much does SafetyPin cost?

You can try SafetyPin for FREE (for the first month).

After that, we have a simple pricing plan:

  • $365 USD per year (for up to 30 users)

  • $600 USD per year (for up to 60 users)

For larger businesses, please contact us for a tailored quote. If you are a school or a charitable organisation, please also contact us directly for a discount.


No fancy AI-powered chatbots here, but you can interact with a real human via email -